• What if i need EXTRA & GUARANTEED ASSISTANCE to make sure I PASS the exam?


  • We can also help you as mentioned here 


  • Which different Testdumps products are available?

Questions and Answers product should be used as preparation before the exam . It includes questions and correct answers with explanations (where available) and covers exactly the same topics as required to pass Exam.


  • Is it safe to use braindumps and our PASS GUARANTEE  (BLOCKBUSTER )services?

We have helped many, many people who have been struggling to pass their exams for a long time and they are very happy with our products and services. Many have become regular customers. Apart from this – there is absolutely no way Cisco/Microsoft/ COMPTIA etc will know about your path to achieve your desired results. Having certifications HELPS you in your career path instead of harming , and the rest eg gaining hands-on /real-life experience is highly dependent on you. But having certifications will surely help you in getting your foot into the industry including better promotion prospects, hunting for a better paid job etc


  • How will I access Questions & Answers Product?

Testdumps Question & Answer products will be personally sent to you via the email that you provide to us to ensure privacy and security


  • How long is my product Valid?

Each product is valid for its own specific period ranging from  1 to 4 calendar weeks  from the date of delivery and based on the advice given by us on the date the material is sent or anytime before your exam date . You are advised to inform us the confirmed date of exam so that we can assist to ensure our product is not outdated to  assist you towards passing the exam. If in any case you have failed to obtain a pass in your first attempt using our material, we will provide you with another set of Q&A in another future date provided you sent us proof by sending us verified scoresheet results .  We will not be able to send you this final and free update if the verified scoresheet is not provided to us. Kindly note that sometimes the number of questions and answers are not exactly the same as advertized due to changes in the particular exam format etc. However there will be no monetary refund after the product has been delivered to you


  •  I’d like to try before I buy. Can I try your product  for Free?

Sorry, this option is not available at this moment due to past bad experiences


  • What does your Q&A with explanations entail?

Our Question & Answer with explanations contain exam questions with the most accurate answers. Explanations are provided (where applicable) for all the options so it helps you to understand why a specific Answers option is correct or incorrect.


  • Do all Testdumps’  Questions & Answer include explanations?

No. Our goal is to provide explanations to our entire set of products but currently we are offering this feature for only the Exams that have high demand in Certification Market.

  • Virtual Lab / Simulation Lab 

The existence of-Virtual Lab / Simulation Lab  type question normally exist within on the exams . On rare occasions that they do not appear in the exam database  – then they will not be there in our materials at that particular time when the material is delivered to the client, though they may appear in the same exam in the future  

  • Can I pass an exam with Testdumps Question & Answers only?

Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend that you use one extra source, such as your other study materials to provide the theoretical background and the practical hands-on experience.

**  Terms and Conditions **

Note that the terms and conditions stated below can be modified from time to time without any prior notice

  • Disclaimer for braindumps 

Kindly note that each questions and answers  we provide is  to be used as reference where you as the customer needs to use it as a learning tool where you have to review, understand and memorize in order to be able to make use of each product. In the event that you are not able to be able to comprehend the contents and fail to achieve the passing score even after the 2nd (and final) delivery is provided by us for free , there will be no monetary refund after the initial payment was made. You are required to submit your score sheet complete for us to verify for free and final update. You should also take the exam within the validity time period after the product is sent and any claims aftet that period has expired is deemed to be void and unacceptable.

  • The product purchased by the original owner who made the payment cannot be transferred to another 3rd party without consent from Testdumps.org, therefore any claims thereafter concerning FREE UPDATE in the event the original owner fails to obtain a pass in her/his examination will be void.





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